Sabra House, LCSW   Therapist & Author



9929 N 95TH STREET                         DRIVE eAST ON sHEA BLVD TO 96TH sTREET
Suite 101                                           TURN RIGHT ONTO 96TH STREET

Scottsdale, AZ 85285                    DRIVE PAST THE TWO ENTRANCES of CSW/CAREMARK

                                                           TURN RIGHT ONTO IRONWOOD SQUARE DRIVE

Phone: 480 451-0819                        IMMEDIATELY TURN LEFT ONTO 95TH Way

Fax: 480 860-2522                             9929 N 95TH STREET IS ON YOUR LEFT, ste 101

cell;  480 516-3104                           if you get to the light at mountain view drive

                                                            you've gone too far


9 am to 5 pm