My partner, Lou, lost her date book.  Everything was in it, all her plans, her volunteer hours, her doctor's appointments, everything.  Her life schedule.  Lou was lost without it.  She didn't know what the next day held, let alone the next week.

We looked everywhere - in both cars, in the bags she carried to her appointments and her volunteering, all around the house.  The date book was nowhere to be found and Lou was freaking out.

Two mornings later, as I was leaving for work, I heard the thought,  "Go check Lou's Reiki bag."  No, I responded in my head, we've already checked that bag at least fourteen times!  The thought came again, "Go check Lou's Reiki bag."  So, reluctantly, I went to the back of her Escape and opened the hatch.  My hand reached in and went directly to the side pocket (which I didn't even know existed) and pulled out the date book.

Needless to say, I was in a state of shock as I took the lost date book to Lou, who of course was thrilled to have her life schedule and her appointments restored to her.

As I drove off to work I smiled to myself and said, "It was a God thing."